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Latin Triumphalism Lives!

In Latin traditionalists and zealous converts to traditionalism.

1P5: I Left Eastern Orthodoxy for the Church Led by Pope Francis, and I Don’t Regret It by Timothy Flanders

Another reason these attacks fail is that the Orthodox do not give their own doctrines the same scrutiny they give Catholics’. It is true that although the saints have taught the Roman primacy, it is by no means clearly expressed across the Fathers. Yet the Orthodox are willing to confess many other doctrines like Iconodulism or the homoousios while explaining away (rightly) any lack of patristic clarity on these points.

Was there unanimity across the Church Fathers as to the nature of papal primacy? No. And the author fails to note that both doctrines mentioned were accepted as doctrines not because a majority of Church Fathers held them (they did not explicitly), but because they were proposed by ecumenical councils and received as being expressions of Tradition.