Friday, November 25, 2016

Eastern Christian Books: Papal Infallibility and Authority (Updated)

Eastern Christian Books: Papal Infallibility and Authority (Updated)

CWR Interview with Archbishop Chaput

Archbishop Charles J. Chaput on vocations, elections, apostolic exhortations by Jim Graves
If Amoris Laetitia "has elements that some serious Catholic scholars see as ambiguous," says the Archbishop of Philadelphia, "then the issues they raise need to be dealt with honestly and directly."
Rorate Caeli: De Mattei: Contradictions at the closing of the Jubilee

A Roman Question

Zenit Articles Featuring Thomas Spidlik

“Fasting is Prayer of the Body"
A Life Dedicated to Unity of Eastern and Western Christians
Benedict XVI Praises Theology-Art Link
Papal Address After Cardinal Spidlik's Funeral Mass
Pope Notes Contributions of Cardinal Spidlik

La mort du cardinal tchèque Tomáš Špidlík (2010)

Il card. Tomas Špidlík, un ponte ecumenico tra Oriente e Occidente

Pubblicato da Àncora il volume “Il cuore: l’uno e l’insieme. Il card. Špidlík tra Oriente e Occidente”, a cura del sacerdote Franco Nardin con il sostegno di padre Marko Rupnik e del Centro Aletti

A Visit Earlier this Week

St. Theodoret of Cyrus on the Eucharist

Mass as Sacrifice? A Voice from the 5th Century by Markus Tymister

While St. Theodoret's explanation is correct (and who would be offended? even Latin traditionalists would probably agree with it), it does not mean that the Pauline reform as carried by Bugnini and others was justifiable or correct.

Latin devotion to the Holy Family - what would Byzantines make of a piece such as this? While true on one level, can it be "re-calibrated" to Byzantine beliefs about the place of St. Joseph?
Liturgy and Chastity: The Pure-heartedness of Ministry

In both Joseph and Mary we see a single-heartedness, a purity of intent, a devotion to their child Yeshua bar Yussef, even before his birth. It is the very stuff that covenants, and vows, and ministries are made of. Their living of the beatitude “blessed are the pure in heart” does not mean that they were never confused, or were never afraid, or never doubted. Certainly they each had moments that we would all recognize as frail humanity in action. But in their love—of God, of their child, of each other—they also knew the fullness of Emmanuel, the God-with-them.