Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Chiesa: Washing For All. The Holy Thursday of Francis

The washing of feet now overshadows the Mass of the last supper. The pope has admitted women to the ceremony, as long as they belong to the Church. But he is pushing even farther, and is also washing the feet of Muslims

Knight of Cups

Malick's Masterpiece by Matthew Schmitz
Terrence Malick's Openness to Life by William Randolph Brafford

Why Terrence Malick is One of Cinema's Greatest Visual Philosophers
Have mainstream critics ignored the “Christian message” in Terrence Malick’s “To the Wonder”?
Terrence Malick, Theologian: The Intimidating, Exhilarating Religiosity of "The Tree of Life" and "To the Wonder"
Praying With Terrence Malick by Rod Dreher

I think I read somewhere once that Malick was from an Eastern Christian background, but I couldn't find anything to corrobate this on my quick web search.

Dispute About The Young Messiah

The movie based on a novel by Anne Rice which has inexplicably received some endorsements from Roman Catholic bishops and luminaries despite the source material.

CWR: The Magisterium and the Human Knowledge of Christ by Jimmy Akin
A new movie has stirred up controversy about Jesus’ human knowledge. What has the Church traditionally taught on the subject, and how is the teaching expressed today?

An opposing view, one that is more "traditional," i.e. Thomistic: Developmental Divinity: a Review of “The Young Messiah” by Brad Miner

The human intellect, taken in abstraction, is in potency to knowledge. Is it fitting that the Divine subject of the human intellect that is assumed into His person, the Divine Son, should be ignorant as man that the subject of His human intellect is Divine? When Jesus Christ speaks, is it the Son who speaks or a human nature? Are we dealing with some modern, weaker version of Nestorianism?