Thursday, January 25, 2018

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

St. Agnes

Carrie Gress

CWR Dispatch: The East, the West, and Simon Leys by Gerald J. Russello

A new biography and a new collection of essays provide details into the fascinating life and wide-ranging thought of author Simon Leys, who may have been the last great Catholic man of letters.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

What does the pope mean by casuistry?

CWR: The Pope’s misuse of “calumny” distracts from deeper, more troubling questions by Christopher R. Altieri

The problem with Pope Francis’ defense of Bishop Juan Barros is not just that Francis has a poor grasp of technical legal terminology or that he misuses certain words, but that he thinks he knows better and refuses to listen to the people who do.

This would not be the first time Pope Francis’ lexical idiosyncrasies were cause for confusion. I still have not met anyone trained in the sacred sciences who can tell me what Francis means when he speaks of “casuistry” – or “abstract casuistry” – though it is clear he does not mean what is generally meant by the term, i.e. the resolution of moral problems by investigation into the specifics of the case and careful application of the general principles of moral science to the specific case, from within the specifics of the case, themselves.
CWR Dispatch: An evening with William Lane Craig by Bishop Robert Barron

Monday, January 22, 2018

CWR: Cardinal Burke: It is a “source of anguish” to hear suggestions “that I would lead a schism”

“The truth of the matter is marriage is not an ideal. It is a reality,” says Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke in a lengthy new interview with Chris Altieri. “What frightens me a great deal about the present situation of the Church,” he adds, “is what I would call a politicization of Church life and of Church doctrine.”


What is going on at the OSC at Fordham?

British Council Awards Grant to Orthodox Christian Studies Center for LGBTQ Research

Both faculty members in question are Greek Orthodox, I believe, solidifying the impression that their jurisdiction is the laxist in the U.S. Even if they weren't sincere believers in their project, this would still be scandalous to the faithful.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Cardinal Müller on Papal Authority

First Things: By What Authority
The pope's words are at the service of the whole Tradition of the Church, and not the other way around.