Friday, April 12, 2013

Latin/English Rule of St. Basil

The Rule of St Basil in Latin and English: A Revised Critical Edition, trans. Anna Silvas (Liturgical Press, May 2013)

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Ralph Martin on the New Evangelization

Some controversy about the disappearance of a review of his book - Rorate Caeli: Forbidden text and Catholic samizdat: "Vatican II and the 'Bad News' of the Gospel"

David Paul Deavel's review of Ralph Martin's Will Many Be Saved? What Vatican II Actually Teaches and Its Implications for the New Evangelization

Can we talk about healing, divine "medicine" and salvation while acknowledging the evil of sin and the possibility of hell, the consequence of rejecting God? A "balance" needs to be maintained, but only when we admit that we are sick and in need of the Divine Physician can anything be done about it. If we do not acknowledge sin and its effects, how can we shake people out of their mediocrity and sloth?

Ralph Martin Reflects on the Mission of the New Evangelization

Articles on New Evangelization by Ralph Martin

What is New About the New Evangelization and Who Needs It? by Deacon Keith Fournier
I had seen his name on the Byzantine Catholic forum while reading some old threads, and recently I did a search on his name to see if
there was anything written by him; I did not know that he had passed away recently. (Well, fairly recently...)

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