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Conor Dugan Reviews Yves Chrion's Bugnini Book

Lament for the Liturgy by Conor Dugan
Annibale Bugnini: Reformer of the Liturgy by Yves Chiron is indispensable both for its historical depth and breadth and also for understanding how we received the only liturgy that most Roman Catholics have ever experienced.

Bishop Benedict, St. Nicholas UGC Eparchy

Kontakion for St. Thomas Aquinas

Dominican Discernment and Decision-Making

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MacIntyre on Marxism

Church Life: Marxism and Religion

The Psalms and Our Salvation with Father Patrick Reardon

The Next Two Parts of John Milbank's Series

The History of Natural Right by John Milbank
Given this revisionary account of the development of natural law (click for previous instalment in this series) in western intellectual history, how does it relate to the story of...

Burke’s Romantic Restoration of Natural Law by John Milbank

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Love and Mercy

Bishop Milan

Metropolitan Anthony Bloom on Prayer

Ancient Faith Publishing Sale

All Ancient Faith Publishing books are 10% off! Combine with the free shipping coupon code WINTERSHIP (orders over $75) for the best deal of the season!

This sale and shipping offer end Sunday 1/27 at 11:59 PM CST. You must be signed into your account or have your address information completed before the shipping coupon code can be applied.

Ephrem's Mary: A Poetics of Wonder

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Faith and Practical Reason: Fr. Wojciech Giertych, O.P.

The World Needs Christ

Not more academese, and "Modernity" is an invention of the elites, not out of whole cloth but close. Would the pioneers of "modernity" fall somewhere on the spectrum? Where would they fall on the social hierarchy?

Church Life: Renewing Nouvelle Théologie by Cyril O’Regan

Forgetfulness of God is a serious problem - without memory of God we cannot bless Him and thank Him for His manifold benefits. Is this forgetfulness, then, just an intellectual mistake, or is it one caused by sin? If the Latin churches had not first been internally weakened, and then lost to the modern nation-state, would there be a spiritual vacuum to be filled by some ideology? So what Latins have to offer the world in bringing Christ to it, after 50 years of a disastrous liturgical reform?

"And if there is a simple lesson to be drawn from the sprawling work of both de Lubac and Balthasar it may well be that misrememberers are far more dangerous to Christianity because in some lights they look just like it."

We are not talking about heresies but philosophical errors that do not fulfill man's heart, but feed upon sin and vice. what normal person claims to be a Hegelian or Nietzschean? Academics may pretend; there are those on the new right who claim to be followers of other philosophers, but they have rejected Christianity because of its perceived errors in its moral code.

Ressourcement Futures

Theology of Vocations

A Latin traditionalist pov?

1Peter 5: On Discerning Vocations: How to Think about “States of Life” by Peter Kwasniewski

EWTN Live - 2019-01-24 - Major Archbishop Sviatoslav Shevchuk

Pray Unceasingly

Pravmir: What is Prayer of the Intellect and of the Heart?
Remembrance of God demonstrates communion with Him and is therefore like prayer. Striving to invoke the holy Name of Christ continuously, through the ...

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FAQ by Nicholas Denysenko on the Ukrainian Orthodox Church

Pray Tell: A New Orthodox Church of Ukraine: FAQ by Nicholas Denysenko

Symposium on the Future of Women Deacons

Pray Tell report on the symposium

Salt and Light TV

Report on Women Deacons Has Been Given to the Pope

Humani Generis and la Nouvelle Théologie,

HPR: Looking Back at “Humani Generis” BY FR. BRIAN VAN HOVE, SJ

See also Joseph Komonchak, Humani generis and “la ‘nouvelle théologie'”

Would that Latins would learn something from this exhibit

More Responses to Constantinople

Primacy, Conciliarity and the Ecumenical Patriarchate by Metropolitan Jonah (Paffhausen)

The actions of the Patriarchate of Constantinople (EP) in its process of granting a Tomos of autocephaly to the schismatic groups in Ukraine have created a canonical crisis.

Professor Alexei Osipov

The following is a translated transcript of a Spas (Savior) Orthodox TV channel special edition of their program, “Straight to the essence”. In these extremely disturbing times, people want to hear a familiar, trusted voice of experience and sound theology. Professor Osipov is that voice.
OrthoChristian: Bishop of Czech and Slovak Church concelebrates with hierarchs of canonical Ukrainian Church in Kiev Caves (+ VIDEO)

A Bit of a Stretch?

Russian Faith: The Heresy of Constantinople's Neo-Papism in Light of Orthodox Trinitarian Theology by Hieromonk Kirill (Zinkovsky), Hieromonk Methody (Zinkovsky), Hieromonk Varnava (Snytko)

More with Patrick Deneen

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That There Is None Being Exercised to Deal with the Problem Properly

CAR: What the Bishop Zanchetta case tells us about Church leadership by Christopher R. Altieri
It is possible to come to the very edge of telling of falsehood, while still telling the technical truth. Church leaders have gotten very good at this.

Phyllis Zagano

Crisis: The Gnostic Feminism of Phyllis Zagano by REV. DWIGHT LONGENECKER

How do you solve a problem like Francis?

LifeSite: Vatican doubles down: denies Pope knew of sexual allegations against Argentine bishop

"Thomas Aquinas and the Church Fathers"

Biblical Thomism: Information regarding the International Conference “Thomas Aquinas and the Church Fathers”, Torun, April 4-6, 2019

Fr. Wojciech Giertych, OP on Moral Theology

The Imperial Episcopacy

Given the development of the monoepiscopate and sin, was it inevitable that the centralization of episcopal power/authority would occur in the patriarch? How is such an arrangement (created through positive law or by concession by the "subordinate" bishops) to be prevented from becoming some sort of tyranny? Synodality? Withdrawal from the synod or non-acceptance of a decision?

What is the basis of thinking of a national (or political) grouping of churches as a "particular Church"?

What are the disadvantages of churches being organized along ethnic or political divisions? (And the advantages?)


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Published This Month

Analogy after Aquinas: Logical Problems, Thomistic Answers By Domenic D'Ettore

Maybe He is an Italian in that Respect

As opposed to a quasi-Jansenist of another nationality; but should this attitude cover any sexual sin, regardless of the age and gender of the persons involved? Or are some more serious than others?

Sandro Magister: Memo For the Summit On Abuse. For Francis, the Sins “Below the Belt” Are “the Lightest”

Epiphany at the Jordan

The Jesus Prayer

The Jesus Prayer: An Eastern Prayer for Western Hearts by TIMOTHY D. LUSCH

The Confession of Patriarch Dositheus of Jerusalem

The Confession of Dositheus (Eastern Orthodox, 1672)

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Who is corrupting Spain?

More with Patrick Deneen

More Cover-Ups

CNA: Former vicar: Vatican already knew about sexual abuse allegations against Argentine bishop

More On the PCED Decision

CWR Dispatch: Pope Francis continues curial shakeup: suppresses Ecclesia Dei commission, moves Sistine Chapel Choir by Christopher R. Altieri
The main issues facing the Vatican and the SSPX are doctrinal in nature, so it makes sense to have the principal organ for dialogue with the SSPX directly under the purview of the curial dicastery responsible for doctrine.

Singing His Song

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How Catholics Can Realize the Royal Priesthood of the Laity and Rebuild a Church in Crisis

The Catholic Church in Crisis

Lord Have Mercy

May some good come out of the current mess.

Metropolitan Epiphanius Attends Presentation of Book, Dialogue Heals Wounds by Head of Ukrainian Catholic Church His Beatitude Sviatoslav

A Pedagogical Question

If a school has co-education, when is the right time to end it? At the age of reason (between 7 and 8 years old), so second or third grades? Or at the beginning of puberty (which can be as low as 9 years of age if stressors are present, otherwise 11 to 13), 6 to 8 grade? Or somewhere in that range? It seems middle school (6 to 8) is a convenient point for dropping co-education, but perhaps it should be done at an earlier age, like at 9 years.

Metropolitan Kallistos Ware on Synodality and Primacy

From the Keynote Address by Metropolitan Kallistos (Ware of Diokleia) at the IOTA Inaugural Conference, 9-12 January 2019 in Iasi, Romania
Metropolitan Kallistos (Ware)

What is the aim of every council? It is, through the exercise of collective discernment, to attain a common mind. Yet this common mind is not simply the sum total of the convictions of the various participants.

At the Pskov Caves Monastery, Elder Hippolytus absorbed the monastic tradition of both the Valaam and the Pskov Caves elders. They guided and taught by the example of their good deeds, which is much more effective than just verbal instructions.

PCED Suppressed

Rorate Caeli

Beyond Liberalism: Patrick Deneen and Bill Kauffman

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St. Genevieve of Paris

Commemorated January 3/16
The next morning the holy Bishop presented her with a medallion engraved with a cross and asked her never to wear another ornament but the Ornament of God's Grace through the Holy Spirit.

Beauty and Meaning Today

(via Byz TX)

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New from Ignatius Press

For Love of My People I Will Not Remain Silent: On the Situation of the Church in China by Cardinal Joseph Zen

Written by a Latin Apologist

So I do not expect there to be any deviation from received Latin opinion regarding the office of the pope.

CWR Dispatch: New book addresses key questions about Church’s teaching authority by Paul Senz
“The impact of the Magisterium is powerfully felt today,” says apologist Jimmy Akin, author of Teaching With Authority, “as illustrated by stories constantly appearing in the media about what popes and bishops have said. “

The Society for Aristotelian Studies

New name, new website... The Society for Aristotelian-Thomistic Studies.

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Believe it or not.

CNA Vatican: Abuse summit to help bishops know ‘what they need to do’

NCReg: Vatican Sets Course for February Abuse Summit by Edward Pentin
The meeting’s goal is to ensure bishops ‘clearly understand what they need to do to prevent and combat the worldwide problem of the sexual abuse of minors,’ a Vatican statement communicated.

Related: NCReg: Chilean Bishops Brief Pope Francis on Clergy Sexual Abuse
The heads of the country's bishops conference have a ‘very fraternal, interesting and fruitful meeting’ ahead of February's summit on protection of minors.
Edward Pentin

Curial Reform?

CNA: Pope Francis: What to expect in 2019

Not a total abolition of the Curia, or a reduction in its scope, but Francis wouldn't be the one to accomplish such a reform anyways.

Gil Bailie Reviews Antoine Arjakovsky's What Is Orthodoxy?

CWR: A Remarkable History of Christian Self-Understanding by Gil Bailie
French historian Antoine Arjakovsky has written a penetrating exploration of the struggle to keep or restore Christian unity and his own intimations of how that effort might bear more fruit.

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1Peter5: Don George and Ecclesia Dei: The Pope Prepares a Clean Sweep by Marco Tosatti
Various sources are being heard from the Vatican saying two pontifical maneuvers are imminent, which will take the form of two motu proprio. The first will be to decree the elimination of the Prefecture of the Papal Household. The prefecture …

Archbishop Viganò Was Right in His Recommendation

For the good of the patriarchate of Rome, Francis should resign.

Sandro Magister: Francis and Sexual Abuse. The Pope Who Knew Too Much

David Clayton on the Transfiguration Icon

CWR Interview with John Bergsma

about the book he and Brant Pitre wrote for Ignatius Press, A Catholic Introduction to the Bible: The Old Testament:

Don’t know much about the Old Testament? Here’s the book for you. by Carl E. Olson
“We wanted to write an Introduction that presupposed the truth of the Catholic Faith from the outset,” says Dr. John S. Bergsma, co-author with Dr. Brant Pitre of A Catholic Introduction to the Bible: The Old Testament, “and would explore where that would lead in interpretation.”

Taylor Marshall Seems to Get It

The problem of scale.

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Eastern Christian Books: Persian Christians at the Chinese Court

Eastern Christian Books: Persian Christians at the Chinese Court

Whose Synod?

Which patriarchate?

From the "Youth Synod" of a few months ago.

Anyways... His Beatitude Sviatoslav: Unity of Catholics and Orthodox is not utopian thinking

R. R. Reno on Karl Rahner

A failed attempt at inculturation that made the sources secondary to his theological construct.

After Vatican II, Karl Rahner was everywhere in demand. He knew the doctrinal tradition inside and out. Those trained in accord with the earlier Thomism could put his new approach, “transcendental theology,” into familiar mental slots—post-Kantian anthropology became the foundational philosophy in the place of ­Aristotelian metaphysics, but otherwise the scholastic architecture remained intact. Rahner was in that sense a manualist. New building materials, but the same structure. This accounted, in part, for his postconciliar ­ascendancy.

It seems his star has fallen. During a recent visit to Rome, I briefly ventured back into the classroom, lecturing to seminarians on Rahner’s introductory textbook, Foundations of Christian Faith. During the Q&A, it became clear that the priests-in-training thought Rahner useless. After class one asked, “In the end, wasn’t he a heretic?” I’m no fan of Rahner’s, but I admit to being taken aback by that question!

Rahner was not a heretic. But his theology falters, largely because he assumes that the primary language of faith—Scripture, liturgy, and the ancient creeds—lacks spiritual power. His was a project of translation. He took what he regarded as the dead idioms of the past (“Christ rose from the dead”) and restated them in what he imagined to be the vital idioms of the present (“transcendental hope in the resurrection”). As is too often the case with theologians chasing cultural relevance, his formulations were already out of date when Foundations was published in the mid-1970s.

I’ve read a lot of Karl Rahner and learned a great deal. He opens up the logic of doctrine, often with exquisite dexterity. But his basic project was always doomed. As one of my teachers, George Lindbeck, observed, in good theology, Scripture absorbs the world, not the world Scripture. What the original witnesses to Christ say is always more vivid and radiant with divine truth than any translation into contemporary parlance.

He also talks about the pontificiate of Francis: A Failing Papacy

Patrick Coffin Interviews Dr. Henry Sire

Going too far with an analogy?

by Rémi Brague


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Did They Interview Myanmar Buddhists?

A Weak Defense of the Process

And the resulting canonization of Paul VI. "It wasn't done for political concerns, really!" How about ecclesial politics?

Church Life: The Political Pawning of Saints written by J.M. Hogue

Two from Phil Lawler

The Zanchetta case: a fatal blow to the Pope’s reputation as a reformer
Last week the Vatican acknowledged that an Argentine bishop working at the Vatican faces sex-abuse charges. The story drew little attention from American media outlets, and understandably so: just one more in a long line of complaints against clerics, in this case involving a bishop whose name...

Pope’s message to US bishops: what NOT to do
In November, Pope Francis instructed the Catholic bishops of the US to table their plans for new responses to the sex-abuse scandal. Now, in his letter to the American bishops who are on retreat at Mundelein seminary this week, the Pontiff exhorts them to take action—but not, apparently,...

An Interview with Schema-Archimandrite Iliy (Nozdrin)

An autobiographical interview with Schema-Archimandrite Iliy (Nozdrin)

Restoration of Communion among Ukrainians in the Future?

Pravmir: Ukrainian Schismatics and Uniates Hope to Create Single Patriarchate in Communion with both Rome and Constantinople, Says Uniate Head


From 2015 I Believe

Bishop Velychkovsky National Martyr`s Shrine: Seminarians of the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter (Calgary)

Mark Bauerlein Interviews Fr. Thomas Guarino

by Mark Bauerlein

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Uh oh

Sandro Magister: Francis From Innocent To Guilty. Bad News From His Argentina

Patrick Coffin Interviews Marco Tosatti

Good luck with that.

Roman Catholics still trying to dialogue with liberals.

Human Rights and the Truth About Man: The Universal Declaration at 70 V. Bradley Lewis
COMMENTARY: It remains a task for Catholic defenders of human rights to show that a fully adequate understanding of human rights is not possible without an understanding of the truth about man, which is also the truth about God.

Fr. John Cush on Jacques Maritain

NCReg: Discovering New Theologians: Jacques Maritain by Father John P. Cush
Maritain’s thought, based on the perennial wisdom on Saint Thomas Aquinas, can be a guide in helping the Church to instruct the world in the way of truth.

Roman Forum 2019

Rorate Caeli: Roman Forum 2019

Psychology To Orthodox Spirituality: A Talk By Abbot Jonah Paffhausen (Now Metropolitan Jonah)

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The Secret of Benedict XVI

1Peter5: De Mattei Reviews Socci’s Latest Book, Argues that the “Thesis Falls Short” by Steve Skojec
We have already published a review of Antonio Socci’s new book, The Secret of Benedict XVI: Why He Is Still Pope, written by our Italian translator, Giuseppe Pellegrino. Pellegrino has returned, in a fashion, offering an English translation of Professor Roberto de …

Interview with Cardinal Brandmüller

CWR Dispatch/CNA: The Church and sexuality: An interview with Cardinal Brandmüller
“I would argue,” says that German prelate, 90, “the real scandal is that when it comes to this issue, clergy and employees of the Church are not sufficiently distinguishable from society overall.”

Still of the "First-Wave Good, Second-Wave Bad" Mindset

Which class of Vox's socio-sexual hierarchy is most likely to produce white knights?
Crisis: The Time Has Come for A New Counter-Reformation by DUNCAN G. STROIK
We need a new Counter-Reformation in sacred art and architecture. What was the Reformation’s effect? First, it preached iconoclasm, the rejection of the human figure in religious art. Second, it [...]

Another Doubter

AmConMag: A Three-day Meeting in Rome to Do What? by FR. REGIS SCANLON, O.F.M. CAP

SJWs Won't Rest Until They've Achieved Moral Purity

in everyone else.

Rod Dreher: The John Finnis Line In The Sand
One of world’s leading Christian scholars faces call for expulsion from classroom because of orthodox views on homosexuality

Eastern Christian Books: Byzantine Constructions of the West

Eastern Christian Books: Byzantine Constructions of the West

Orthodox Biblical Interpretation

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Cardiff University Orthodox Christian Chaplaincy

Behind the Scenes...

Sandro Magister: Earthquake in the Vatican Media. The Winter Campaign of Bergoglio’s Stalwarts

Theophany Blessing

Latin Mass Conference, February 23-24

Monterey, CA: FB Event

Blessing of Lake Michigan

Much Needs to Be Revisited

None of the autocephalous Orthodox churches have recognized the autocephaly of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, except for Constantinople.

By what authority does an ecumenical council have to establish patriarchates as having a juridical status, if bishops are equal? Was this locus of authority something handed upon by the apostles, or was it established instead by human/ecclesial positive law? And if the latter, was it just? Can it be abrogated or declared null or invalid? On what basis should autocephaly be granted to a grouping of local Churches? (Or a patriarchate be established?) On the basis of nation? Or of political entities?

Watching the Outlaw King I am reminded of the disputes over authority and contests for power. How can the church be free from such struggles without humility and penance?

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Patriarch Bartholomew Signs the Tomos

Patriarch Bartholomew signs Tomos of autocephaly of Orthodox Church of Ukraine
Patriarch Bartholomew: «Prince Vladimir and Saint Olga are present in spirit and prayer, sharing our joy and pleasure»
Petro Poroshenko at the ceremony of signing the Tomos: At last, God has bestowed the Orthodox Church of Ukraine upon us


Livestream continued

Union of Orthodox churches in Ukraine a cause for rejoicing by Dr. Adam A. J. DeVille
Orthodoxy in Ukraine has been granted full autocephaly by the Ecumenical Patriarch, even as the Russian Orthodox are dismissive and critical of the union.

Kirill: Bartholomew no longer the ecumenical patriarch of all Orthodoxy by Vladimir Rozanskij
Metropolitan Ioann to head Russian Orthodox in Europe

eBook: “Working well, working for love”

Available from Opus Dei.

At a higher level is the figure of the “homo faber,” the person who works with a wider view, with the aim of making a business or a project a success – sometimes seeking personal affirmation, but often with the noble aspiration of serving others and serving society as a whole.

And so what political theology or political wisdom does Opus Dei offer to lay people so that they can discern how to serve political society, or whether they live in a political society at all?

More on the Feast of the Circumcision

St. Elizabeth

Friday, January 04, 2019

An Ordination

Feser Responds to Finnis

CWR: Unnatural Lawyering: John Finnis’s brief against traditional Catholic teaching on capital punishment

John Finnis is a prominent Catholic law professor and chief apostle of the “new natural law theory” (NNLT) invented by the late Germain Grisez in the 1960s. At Public Discourse, Finnis and I have been [...]

More on the Lord's Prayer

Crisis: The Lord’s Prayer Is Just Fine the Way It Is BY R. JARED STAUDT
St. Benedict begins his Rule, “Hearken O my son, to the precepts of thy master, and incline the ear of thy heart.” This fundamental principle shapes not only the life [...]

Another for Latin Conspiracy Theorists

1Peter5: In New Book, Antonio Socci Speculates on the “Secret of Benedict XVI”

Il segreto di Benedetto XVI. Perché è ancora papa Antonio Socci RIZZOLI 146 pages Language: Italian only $10.99 Kindle Editor’s Introduction: It is a work already being discussed in Catholic circles around the world despite the fact that it is …

Related: Pope Benedict Has Spoken on Questions Regarding His Abdication… by Steve Skojec
…and he did it back in 2014. I had forgotten about this letter he wrote to La Stampa, because at the time, the theory that he had not truly abdicated was a quiet one. And it was before I started …

Rise of the Benevacantists: Who Is Pope? by Ryan Grant
The papacy of Pope Francis has set many new bars for the Church. Many of us, who are faithful Catholics, have been shocked and dismayed as he appointed heterodox clergy and prelates; promulgated highly ambiguous documents that appear to challenge …


Haven't checked up on this website for a while...

The prestigious Pantheon-Sorbonne University organised on March 30 and 31, 2017, a colloquium devoted to “The deposition of a Pope – loci theologiae, canonical models and constitutional issues.” With exceptional intellectual honesty, our Father was presented in it as the only theologian who had succeeded in defining and implementing a modern canonical procedure for the case of a Pope who would have deviated from the doctrine of the Catholic Faith.
Remnant: The Infallibility of the Ordinary and Extraordinary Magisterium by Robert J. Siscoe

A Special Place

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