Saturday, March 14, 2020

COVID-19 Adjustments Elsewhere

CNA/CWR: Catholic and Orthodox Churches in Ukraine consider how to distribute Communion

St. Gregory Palamas on Theosis

St. Gregory Deification (Theosis)

We Are Partakers of the Divine: Sermon on the Sunday of St. Gregory Palamas
The goal of the striving of fasting, the striving of all our struggles – of repentance, prayer, and our entreaties – is to aspire toward the unveiling in us of the image of God inscribed in our nature and essence by the hand of God the Creator Himself. It becomes easier to breathe, life becomes better, and we become purer when we see where we are going, why we are going, and what we should ask God for.
Archpriest Vsevolod Shpiller (+1984)

The Teaching of St Gregory Palamas: Theosis is Possible Through the Uncreated Energies Of God

St. Gregory Palamas and the Tradition of the Fathers by Fr. George Florovsky

An Exaggeration?

The Byzantine emphasis on monasteries is historical. But is it warranted? Prayer is important for all Christians, that is true at least.

I have seen critiques of "gerondism" here and there but I don't know if the critiques are correct.

Don’t Look for New Ideals. The Monastic Life Has Always Been an Example for the Laity

“Let’s be Christians Twenty-Four Hours a Day”: A Conversation with an Athonite Ascetic by Hieroschemamonk Ștefan Nuțescu

God Is Not Nice