Wednesday, May 22, 2019

A Crisis of Credibility

First Things: The Crisis Continues by Philip Lawler

If the testimony of Archbishop Viganò is accurate, then many Vatican officials knew of, and failed to act on, the charges against McCarrick. All those officials—including Pope Francis himself—would be subject to investigation under the terms of the new motu proprio. But if any such investigation has been made, we have not heard about it. So the crisis of credibility continues. 

A Papal Bugaboo

Sandro Magister: Proselytism, the Phantasm of Pope Francis

Bishop Schneider on World Over

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The New Roman Marriage Rite

1P5: The New Lectionary and the Catholic Wedding by Peter Kwasniewski

One of the topics most hotly disputed at the synods on marriage and the family, back in those halcyon years of 2014 and 2015, was the possibility of admitting to Holy Communion Catholics who are living in what are euphemistically …

Shared Inheritance 2019 Conference

The Cross

Ruthenians in Rome

The Constantinian Church or the Frankish Church?

Where is the critical overview of Charlemagne's legacy for the evolution of the patriarchate of Rome?

Canticum Salomonis: Mysterium Mysteriorum: How the Ambrosian Rite Survived Charlemagne

1P5 Reviews Love for the Papacy and Filial Resistance to the Pope

De Mattei probably doesn't consider the resistance of the Chalcedonian Orthodox as being legitimate.

1P5: Roberto de Mattei on Resisting the Pope in the Modern Age by 1P5 Staff

Love for the Papacy and Filial Resistance to the Pope in the History of the Church Roberto de Mattei Angelico Press 232 pages $17.95 paper, $26.00 cloth For those seeking to navigate the turbulence in the life of the Church,

Fota XII

Liturgy Week 2019

Notre Dame: Liturgy Week 2019: Liturgy and the Domestic Church

David Clayton Reviews Adam DeVille's Book