Friday, May 22, 2020

A Dutch Renaissance Rood-Screen

The rood screen is in a museum instead of in its native environment of a temple (or in this case, the Cathedral of St John in ’s-Hertogenbosch). There is a summary of its history in the NLM post below.

NLM: A Dutch Renaissance Rood-Screen by Gregory DiPippo

Part 1 of Gregory DiPippo's Series on the New Prefaces of the EF Mass

NLM: The New Prefaces of the EF Mass, Part 1: The Preface of the Angels by Gregory DiPippo

Locke and the American Founding

Aquinas 101: Grace

Newly Re-released

Individual Communion Spoons

Public Orthodoxy: “Remember, O Lord…”: Liturgy, History, and Communion Spoons in a Time of Pandemic by Daniel Galadza