Monday, July 22, 2013

Some ideas for conferences and such... not that I would have the resources or standing or credentials to put one on my own, but maybe it is possible to find some sponsors for something less than academic. (Or more than academic, depending on your perspective and the ultimate end of such gatherings.) While the 20th century disputants may have passed on, what about revisiting the debate between the neo-scholastics (neo-Thomists) and the new theologians? Are there any today who would acknowledge being the successors to neo-Thomism? Or would they, like many Dominicans, see themselves as restoring or reviving a Thomism? How is each school to be distinguished from the other?

For the needs of "modern man," how are we to explain God and His saving work? Render scripture more intelligible? Understand God better?

"Uniting Faith and Culture: Hans Urs von Balthasar" by J. Peter Pham (via Insight Scoop)

Revue Thomiste - books

Présentation de la Revue Thomiste (le fr Serge Thomas Bonino)

Aquinas on the Spirit's Gift of Understanding and Dionysius Mystical Theology by Bernard Blackenhorn

Gilles Emery: "The Thomistic Doctrine of God and Dominican Spiritual Life"
First Things: Five Myths About Pope Francis by William Doino Jr.

The author does not touch upon liturgy.

Відеозвернення Блаженнішого Святослава до молоді

Live from Mumford Road: Episode 4 (Deacon Sabatino Carnazzo)

The Deacon went to Christendom; I believe he was more of a traditionalist while he was there, so I'm interested in his "journey to the East." He is a deacon at Holy Transfiguration (still one of my favorites) and heads the Institute of Catholic Culture.

Christ the Bridegroom Monastery