Friday, May 15, 2020

Eternal Memory

L'Homme Nouveau: Adieu à André Clément, premier doyen de l’IPC: l'héritage de Charles De Koninck maintenu et transmis

Ignatian Humanism by Ronald Modras

Loyola Press

How much of a future for "secular culture" is there? Christians need to live Christ in all their labors, but many are sheltered from seeing that we are in a collapse.

More on the Reform of the Easter Vigil in the Roman Rite

NLM: A Few Notes on the Reform of the Readings of the Easter Vigil by Gregory DiPippo

Benedict XVI on John Paul II

CWR/CNA: Full text: Benedict XVI’s letter marking St. John Paul II’s birth centenary
“Therefore, in essence, an almost impossible task was awaiting the new Pope. Yet, from the first moment on, John Paul II aroused new enthusiasm for Christ and his Church.”

Pageau on Purity Laws

Eastern Christian Books: Byzantine Liturgical Emotions

Eastern Christian Books: Byzantine Liturgical Emotions

Cambridge University Press: Liturgy and the Emotions in Byzantium: Compunction and Hymnody by Andrew Mellas

Interview with Dcn Nicholas Denysenko

Good Guys Wear Black: The People’s Faith - what we learn when we listen to the people

Reason and Theology: First Century Jewish Ecclesiology and Mono-Episcopacy