Tuesday, June 02, 2020

A Program of Action from Dr. John Rao

Edward Pentin: Now or Never — A Plea for Concerted Traditionalist Action

Nevertheless, I cannot in good conscience, relate the triumphs of the past while neglecting a duty to urge my fellow Traditionalists to join together to raise up our moribund Mother in her present plight. I do so through this four-pronged Plea that is as simple to state as it will require the greatest self-effacement and willpower to act upon effectively.
  1. Let each segment of the Traditionalist Movement— each “clan”, to use The Remnant’s terminology — avoid the very understandable temptation to secure its own particular survival in this moment of worldwide pandaemonium, and work together as one unit;
  2. That a Central Committee of representatives of each Traditionalist “clan” be established — clerical and lay, or lay supporters alone if there be danger to the priestly fraternities and congregations concerned — to coordinate intellectual, spiritual, and practical advice and actions, whether formally or informally;
  3. That every opportunity be exploited immediately to restore public worship according to the Traditional Rite, whether they are permitted by unjust State or episcopal fiat or not;
  4. That as a symbol of our failure to accept the mass hysteria around us, we visibly wear a symbol of the Sacred Heart of Christ instead of the Mask of Oppression.
It is now or never. This is the last act in the modern revolutionary drama and the enemy is determined.

I'll just ad this: the EF Mass and Holy Communion are important, but they are ordered to living the life of Christ, and Latin Traditionalists, if they want to preserve their communities, need to do the heavy lifting that is required for that, rather than assuming having a common form of worship is enough.

Against Bodin's Notion of Sovereignty

It's an argument against a modern notion of sovereignty, but by itself it is not a sufficient check against tyranny.

Murals for St. John of the Ladder in Greenville, South Carolina

OAJ: Murals for the Burning Bush Chapel and Prothesis at St John of the Ladder in Greenville, South Carolina by Seraphim O'Keefe

Holloway Review of Manent

Public Discourse: The Problem of Human Rights by Carson Holloway