Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Pope Francis

Zenit riding on the coattails of Opus Dei...

Bishop Grech on the Gospel of the Family

Benedict XVI


Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI on Mission, Again

The “Evangelii Gaudium” of Pope Emeritus Benedict

Ratzinger has broken his silence once again. To caution that a dialogue that renounces the truth “is lethal” to the propagation of the Christian faith. And therefore also to the spread of that “joy of the Gospel” which is in the program of Pope Francis

From Damian Thompson, several months ago...
Revealed: the Pope's war with the Vatican
Francis is firmly set on dealing with the Curia bureaucrats who did for Benedict XVI

Christ Healing the Blind Man

Was this really pastorally necessary?

Pope Francis: ‘Evolution … is not inconsistent with the notion of creation’ (via Call Me Jorge)

Some Thomists have taken a similar line regarding the possibility of some version of "theistic evolution" or another, but it just makes the Roman Church look bad to engage in dialectic poorly.

Catholics still trying to be "scientifically" respectable...

The Origins of Byzantine Iconography

Ruthenian Renaissance

Overseas... NCReg

And then there's this...
Holy Cross Cathedral in Uzhhorod, locally known as the “Ruthenian Church,” passes with flying colors.

Art students from Lviv sit high on wooden scaffolding, restoring paintings on walls by the altar, while faithful in the pews intone the Rosary.