Saturday, August 27, 2016

Blueprints for the Little Church

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Faith Encouraged Live with Fr. Barnabas Powell

Fr. Cassian Folsom

Repetition But Not Mechanical

An Unfamiliar Title

On Liturgical Customaries for Seminaries: An Example of Mutual Enrichment from the Anglican Patrimony by Revd Fr Christopher Smith

I am told that nowadays some seminaries have attempted more precise handbooks of behavior in church and seminary, general rules of life. I have not seen any of them myself. In my day in the Pontifical Roman Major Seminary, everything from etiquette at table to liturgical decorum and expectations of clerical dress were all kind of an oral tradition that was passed from superiors to seminarians in the form of peer pressure to conform, rather than in any manual.
Pray, Tell: Conclusions Regarding the Female Diaconate