Thursday, February 09, 2017

Normally I wouldn't post something from NRO

And this piece is typical of the anti-Putin neocon outlook of the magazine; the author is George Weigel... but the representation of the Russian Orthodox Church is probably not 100% false: Meeting with Moscow, Rome Must Refuse to Bend to the Putin Storyline (via Byz, TX)

But the "Progressives" Have Discovered Ultramontanism Again

CWR Dispatch: Should the Mass reflect a pope’s personality? by Nicholas Senz
The liturgy belongs to the whole Church, across time and space; it is not to be manipulated according to the whims of each individual pope.

CWR Dispatch: Synod-talk, again by George Weigel
Why does the preparatory document for the 2018 Synod comprehensively ignore the contemporary saint who was a powerful magnet for young people during his twenty-six-year pontificate?