Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Vatican Insider: “Reform is going to go deep” by Alver Metalli
Chilean cardinal Francisco Javier Err√°zuriz Ossa - one of the members of Francis’ eight-member advisory Council - guarantees this
LAT: Science has lost its way, at a big cost to humanity
Researchers are rewarded for splashy findings, not for double-checking accuracy. So many scientists looking for cures to diseases have been building on ideas that aren't even true.

The Raven: "Year of Faith" Celebrations at St. Elias

The Raven: "Year of Faith" Celebrations at St. Elias: Bishop Stephen was here for Hierarchical Divine Liturgy marking our Eparchy-wide conclusion of Year of Faith and 1025th Anniversary of Bapti...
Representative of the reaction of Latin Catholics to Fr. Taft's interview from earlier this year? The combox for Reunion not a “Return to Rome”: On Catholic-Orthodox Ecumenism.
OP East: All Saints Vigil: Twentieth-Century Saints and Sanctity

Another Torrell Book in Translation

Published by Paulist! PRIESTLY PEOPLE: Baptismal Priesthood and Priestly Ministry
Vaitcan Insider: Pell dismisses traditionalist leader's attack on Pope