Saturday, May 28, 2016

CWR: "Amoris Laetitia" and Vatican II’s Project of Inculturation
Vatican II sought to initiate a dialogue with the modern world, meant to be an extension of the Church’s evangelizing mission. But things have not gone as hoped and planned.
By Dr. R. Jared Staudt

"Pope St. John XXIII opened the Second Vatican Council amid great optimism. Pope John called for aggiornamento and an opening of the windows of the Church, but we know that the 1960s were not a time of fresh air. In fact, I would argue it was the breaking forth into daily life of a long trajectory of radical individualism. The Council sought a renewed encounter with the modern ..."

Luther and Protestantism get blamed for the rise of individualism (subjectivism); is Protestantism the roots of the modern turn? Did Luther and the Protestant "Reformers" destroy the authority of the Church? Whence voluntarism and false notions of freedom?
The Promise and Prospects of Retrieval: Recent Developments in Roman Catholic Thought that Shape Contemporary Dogmatic Theology by Fr. Thomas Joseph White, O.P.
First Things: The True History of Women Deacons by Charlotte Allen (via Fr. Z)

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