Tuesday, March 05, 2019

Will Any New Information Be Discovered?

NCReg: Pope Francis Orders Archives of Pius XII’s Entire Pontificate to Be Opened by Edward Pentin

Access to the documents, which include those on the venerable pontiff’s actions during World War II, has been long awaited.

The Prayer of St. Ephrem

CUA Press Lenten Sale

An Important Rule of Iconography

The Oldest Journal of (Roman) Catholic Theology

An Intra-Latin Discussion of the Papacy

Between Douglas Farrow and Roberto de Mattei

CWR: The Church’s One Foundation by Dr. Douglas Farrow
Does the inflated view of the papacy that prevails in some quarters today have roots in a prior inflation that requires correction?


1P5: Adelphopoiesis: The Myth of the “Gay” Byzantine Marriage Rite by L.S. Predy

The Mystery Hidden for Ages: An Eastern, Ecumenical Sacramental Theology

Very. Rev. Father M. Daniel Findikyan of St. Nersess Armenian Seminary (who was elected as primate last year)