Saturday, November 07, 2020

Szent Efrém Férfikar - Cserez pole sirokeje (arr. Bubnó Márk, szóló: Nagy Bertalan)

A Latin Apology for Roman Claims

Pope Peter defends the papacy while explaining its role and limits by Casey Chalk Joe Heschmeyer offers many of the standard Catholic arguments but also presents fresh material in his welcome and well-timed book.

Pope Peter: Defending the Church’s Most Distinctive Doctrine in a Time of Crisis by Joe Heschmeyer

A product of (Roman) Catholic Answers, so I expect no nuance or discussion of non-Latin ecclesiology or views regarding primacy.
Yet, as Heschmeyer rightly notes, popes can be both wrong or sinful, even egregiously so, without compromising the doctrine of papal infallibility. Infallibility does not mean impeccability. Nor does it mean everything the pope says or writes must be obeyed unquestionably. When the pope or the bishops exercise the powers of the ordinary or extraordinary Magisterium, we are right to obey. The rest of the time, as Heschmeyer rightly notes, we retain the right to ignore, or, given certain extraordinary circumstances, criticize what our Holy Father says or does.
This begs the question: When is the pope not exercising the powers of the ordinary or extraordinary Magisterium when he is putting forth his opinions regarding faith and morals?

Patriarch Mor Mikhayel Rabo aka Michael the Syrian

Yes, That is the Primary Purpose of Prayer

But there is a place for petitionary prayer as well.

The Peña Parra Case

A Review of Christ the Conqueror of Hell

Dr. Matthew Minerd Lecture on the Prima Pars of Thomas Aquinas's Summa Theologiae (Part 2/4)