Thursday, January 05, 2017

Icon of the Nativity

The Circumcision of Christ

The Incarnation
Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh
Probably none of you has experience of being in the street; I had it when I was a child and a youth, and it’s a very unpleasant feeling to know that you have nowhere to go and that you are totally unwanted in any of the places that shine with light, which obviously speak of warmth to you.

The Nativity of Christ in Chronology from the Creation of Man
Anatoly Vitvitsky
The goal of this article is to show the results of a calculation of the “5508 years” according to texts of the first translation of the lost original of ancient Hebrew Old Testament Books, made by the Israelite translators from the third to second centuries B.C. (the Septuagint) and preserved up to the twenty-first century in the Bible published by the Russian Bible Society in the Russian language.
Pravoslavie: The New Year: The Mystery of Time
Protopresbyter Alexander Schmemann
On New Year’s Eve we feel the mystery of time more powerfully than at any other time.

Edward Feser's Book on Capital Punishment

Joseph Bessette is co-author.

COMING SOON: By Man Shall His Blood Be Shed
It seems that the editor of Pray Tell approves, by the wording of his title: Hope for Shared Communion for Married Couples

Luthernas do not constitute an Apostolic Church.

Jonathan Pageau Interview