Friday, February 23, 2018

The Church

That Frank Built Destroyed

Sandro Magister: New Appeal From Fr. Weinandy To the Pope: With This False Mercy the Church Is Destroyed

Catholic World Report: The Four Marks of the Church: The Contemporary Crisis in Ecclesiology
We need to mount a robust defense and clear advocacy of the Church’s four marks, for without such an apology, the Church’s identity – what she truly is – will become disordered, and so will enfeeble her ability to live and to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Comment: Whatever what one thinks of Roman Catholic ecclesiology as explained here, nonetheless one can ask if the crisis affects the whole Church or just the patriarchate of Rome, and whether the essay could still stand as it is written if we take the crisis to be of the patriarchate of Rome only, or if it would have to be written substantially.

Has the Life of Jorge Bergoglio

map on to the history of the Jesuit order after Vatican 2, especially in Ibero-America?

How Bergoglio Is Rewriting His Life. The Years of the "Great Desolation"