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Chiesa: Bergoglio’s First Time in the United States by Sandro Magister

Awaiting him is a Catholic people with contours broader than those set down in the registries. And also highly influenced by the “liberal” trends in matters of marriage and homosexuality. Right on the brink of the synod

Observing Vatican II

NLM: Book Review: Observing Vatican II: The Confidential Reports of the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Representative, Bernard Pawley, 1961-1964
by Matthew Hazell

The Holiness of the Theotokos

The latest in a series dealing with the Immaculate Conception and such -- Eclectic Orthodoxy: Immaculate Virgin: Predestined Before the Ages

"But does assertion of predestinating grace imply that Mary does not need the salvation of Christ? Duns Scotus famously addressed this question in the 13th century and argued that by his atoning sacrifice on the Cross, Christ “merited to take away this most heavy penalty [of original sin] from his Most Blessed Mother.” Ahead of time, as it were, Mary is redeemed from sin by her son, the incarnate Son."

Scotus and and the tricky language of merit, as it is tied to a particular Latin view of atonement?

Germ cell theory and the Theotokos being purified through the contact with Christ, we have a problem -- the germ cells are not identical with the body of Christ, though one of them does develop, mature and become the egg used in the Holy Conception of Christ.

How is the Virgin Mary sanctified apart from Christ, without participating in Christ, if she is a woman of the New Covenant? A correspondence with the righteous of the Old Covenant?


Russian Website for Metropolitan Hilarion Alfeyev

Митрополит Иларион (Алфеев)

For some reason his FB page is no longer so easy to pull up on search.


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St. Simon

Are you inspired by Saint Simon? #IBelieve

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