Friday, October 16, 2015

A New Biography of St. Philp Neri by Jonathan Robinson, CO

NLM: A New Book about St Philip Neri, Reviewed by David Warren

Another book from Angelico Press.

Review by John Bentley Mays in The Catholic Register.

How's the Company Doing?

ICYMI: here is Salt + Light TV's "Inside the Synod 2015" interview with Fr. Adolfo Nicolás, SJ - the Superior General of the Society of Jesus.

Posted by Vatican Radio - English Section on Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Beatitudes

Hymn of the Jubilee of Mercy

Has anyone written a critique of the music? Too modern/Romantic?

more info

"The Authors of the original music (Paul Inwood) and text (Eugenio Costa, S.J.) have donated the copyright of this work to the PCPNE in order to facilitate the distribution of the Hymn of the Jubilee of Mercy throughout the Catholic Church."

Because the Church needs a mission statement and a theme song! (It's a good thing they didn't make some version of the Lord's prayer the theme song. )