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New, but not improved... A Response to Public Orthodoxy, on the Creed by Fr. John Whiteford

John Fotopoulos and Aristotle Papanikolaou, in their recent article "Women and the Creed: Who For Us Humans and for Our Salvation," (published by "Public Orthodoxy") have expressed their unhappiness that the Greek Archdiocese has decided to use a translation of the Creed that is in line with pretty much every other translation that English speaking Orthodox Christians have been using for as long as we have had Orthodox Christians speaking English. They are offended by the use of the word "man".

The Translation of the Reclis of St. Theophan the Recluse

Translation of the Relics of St. Theophan, the Recluse of Vysha
The holy relics of St. Theophan the Recluse were secretly exhumed in 1973 on the territory of the Shatzk psychiatric hospital located in the buildings of Vysha Monastery, which had been desecrated by the godless authorities, and immediately taken to the Holy Trinity-St. Sergius Lavra. There they were interred in the basement of the Dormition Cathedral until 1988.

But Is There a Form of Depression That Has a Purely Physiological Cause?

A Priest’s Thoughts on Depression, Anxiety, the Soul, Your Body and Your Brain by Fr. Stephen Freeman

Somewhat problematic, I think, is the not infrequent distinction made between anxiety and depression as physical/medical problems and as so-called “spiritual” problems. There is no such distinction. We do not have “spiritual” problems that are not also physical problems, simply because we do not exist as some sort of divisible creatures.

The Spiritual Life in Depression and Anxiety by Fr. Stephen Freeman

A very poignant question was sent privately to me after my last post. It asked how I was able to go about my parish work when I was battling with depression and anxiety.

Orthodox Polemics Is Alive and Well?

The Orthodox Church and Non-Chalcedonians, Part One Christology/Ecclesiology by Igumen Gregory (Zaiens)

There are, however, many of both Chalcedonians and Non-Chalcedonians, who believe that all along through history, it was a language problem, a matter of semantics. However, St. John of Damascus knew their language, and he wrote against them. And if it was all along this language problem, then we would have to say that God made a mistake with the miracle He performed through the Great Martyr Euphemia at the Fourth Ecumenical council.

The Orthodox Church and the Non-Chalcedonians: Part 2 Deification: Pope Shenouda and Matthew the Poor by Igumen Gregory (Zaiens)

There is one more issue to consider which is central to the Orthodox concept of salvation, and that is deification. I will relate what I have learned from an Orthodox priest who is a university professor. This father is fluent in Arabic and has studied the Chalcedonian/Non-Chalcedonian positions.

An Appeal to Traditional Roman Catholics From an Orthodox Catholic Priest by
Fr. Victor E. Novak

New Book of Benedict XVI's Sermons on Priesthood


SVS Coptic Series

Mother Maria of Paris

Atonement Book Tour in Eastern PA

Metropolitan Tikhon, Bishop Paul Concelebrate at Glorification of St. Mardarije of Libertyville


The work of someone associated with the New Liturgical Movement is praised by a writer for Pray Tell.

The Beatitudes