Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Ukrainian Major Archbishop

Two Roberts on the Synod Relatio

De Mattei on the Synod Relatio: "The Need to Resist Heretical Tendencies"
The Need to Resist Heretical Tendencies

Robert George

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Cardinal Burke: Synod's mid-term report "lacks a solid foundation in the Sacred Scriptures and the Magisterium"
Synod turns its attention to same-sex couples
Family: The Synod’s new approach
Mgr. Forte: Guaranteeing gay people’s rights is a matter of respect
What an Amazing Coincidence! Abp. Bruno Forte's Personal "Gayspel" and Italian Politics - Plus: Saint Paul the Apostle versus Forte

Synods are messy. The media quarantine isn’t helping.
Vatican Cardinal Calls For More Transparency At Synod Of Bishops

Monastery of St. John, Patmos