Thursday, November 03, 2016

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This Weekend at Holy Virgin Cathedral

Eastern Christian Books: Primacy in the Church, vol. II

Eastern Christian Books: Primacy in the Church, vol. II

Fr. Reginald

The ACPA Meeting is in SF

(Doubt anyone will lecture Roman Catholic academics for a failure of nerve.)
Chiesa: Goodbye, Jesuits. Vatican Media Get a New Face and New Boss

And this with a Jesuit pope, no less. Vatican Radio will stop broadcasting on shortwave. And “L'Osservatore Romano” will also be absorbed into a single “content hub.” Under the command of Monsignor Dario Vigan√≤
1P5: The Wedding of the Lamb by Peter Kwasniewski

Prof. Kwasniewski cites Fr. Bouyer at the beginning of his essay but what would Fr. Bouyer think of the essay and the appropriation of what he wrote regarding the Christian Mystery?

Setting aside the question of merit and Christ's meritorious causality, does the following not stike one as being problematic?

"He speaks these words because He wills to give us nothing less than His very self. In the gift of His holy and life-giving Eucharist, His resurrected flesh and blood, we receive the Lord, our God, King, Father, Spouse, Brother, Friend, for our pilgrimage on earth and for eternal glory in heaven."

Christ is not God the Father and we are not adopted sons of the Son but adopted sons of the Father. Sounds like a problem with Trinitarian theology.

As for spouse... Christ is the bridegroom and the Church is His bride, but I still think it problematic to take that metaphor to understand it literally in describing our relationship to him.

John Haldane on Catholic Universities