Friday, June 28, 2019

Christopher Altieri on the Amazon Synod Working Document

CWR: Working document for Amazon synod is both a catch-all and a cover by Christopher R. Altieri
It is rather unseemly that a coterie of mostly northern European churchmen are apparently using the pressing issues of a long-suffering local Church in the developing world to advance their pet project in ecclesial sociology.

"Compassion" and "Mercy"

Pope Francis' mentions the Sacred Heart devotion but in connection with his own language of "compassion" and "mercy," which may be compatible with sentimentalism but may not be compatible with law or the good. Charity separated from truth.

CNA: ‘The heart of the Church’s mission is prayer,’ Pope Francis says

Catholic Herald: The time is ripe for a revival in devotion to the Sacred Heart by Fr Alexander Lucie-Smith

Can the devotion to the Sacred Heart be separated from Latin soteriology and its concepts of merit, atonement, expiation, and reparation that are logical consequences of it? (It has also been linked to the modern Latin devotion to Christ the King, cf. the reference by Pius XI to Quas Primas in Miserentissimus Redemptor.)

Consecration to the Sacred Heart. Pope Leo XIII - 1899 - Vatican.VA
Miserentissimus Redemptor (May 8, 1928) | PIUS XI
CARITATE CHRISTI COMPULSI Pope Pius XI 3 May 1932 Sacred Heart - EWTN - Vatican.VA
Haurietis Aquas (May 15, 1956) | PIUS XII

One of These Is Not Like the Others

Interview with Professor Pierluigi Guiducci

CWR Dispatch: Symposium attests to Pius XII’s monumental work as Defensor Civitatis by Alberto Carosa
An interview with Professor Pierluigi Guiducci, author of several works on the pontificate of Pope Pius XII during the Second World War.

Entering a Byzantine Temple

Slavic tradition...

Theotokos of the Sign

The Vladimir Icon

Cardinal Brandmüller on the Amazon Synod

Sandro Magister: Heretical and Apostate. Cardinal Brandmüller Excommunicates the Amazon Synod

Fr. Z

Feast of the Sacred Heart

An Icon of the Little Flower

Adam Deville

Eastern Christian Books: On Reforming Diocesan Boundaries and Structures and Episcopal Elites and "Lay Involvement" in the Abuse Crisis

Latin Devotions Interconnected

Crisis Magazine: St Joseph, Dispenser of the Treasures of the Sacred Heart by Leonora Butau