Friday, April 01, 2016

Fabro Conference at CUA

This weeekend.

School of Philosophy:
APRIL 1-2, 2016
Sponsored by the School of Philosophy, the English Language Division of the Cornelio Fabro Cultural Project, as well as the the Institute of the Incarnate Word.
The schedule may be found here.

Event Time and Date
Friday, April 1 2016, 2:00 PM to Saturday, April 2 2016, 3:45 PM
2 Days until this Event


2:00 pm - Introductory Panel:

Fr. Nathaniel Dreyer, IVE, Coordinator, English Language Division of the Cornelio Fabro Cultural Project

Fr. Gianluca Trombini, IVE, Director of the Cornelio Fabro Cultural Project

Fr. Joseph Henchey, CSS

3:30 pm - Break

3:45 pm - Msgr. John Wippel, the Catholic University of America
"Cornelio Fabro on Participation and Aquinas's 'Quarta via'"

4:45 pm - Break

5:00 pm - Dr. Joseph T. Papa, the Pontifical College Josephinum
"Fabro, Natural Theology, and the Role of Thomas Aquinas
in Seminary Formation"

6:00 pm - End of Session


9:00 am - Dr. Gregory Doolan, the Catholic University of America
"Aquinas and Fabro on Participation and Double
Exemplarism: Diremtion and Derivation of the
Formal and Transcendental"

10:00 am - Break

10:15 am - Fr. Jason Mitchell, Gannon University
"Thomas Aquinas and Cornelio Fabro: The Metaphysics
of Participation and the Theology of Grace"

11:15 am - Break

1:30 pm - Dr. Joshua Furnal, Radboud University Nijmegen
"The Impact of Søren Kierkegaard
on the thought of Cornelio Fabro"

2:30 pm - Break

2:45 pm - Dr. Patricia Pintado, Mundelein Seminary
"God in Exile: Cornelio Fabro on the Roots of Modern Atheism"

3:45 pm - Symposium Ends
Aquinas Hall 102, Aquinas Foyer, 1st Floor

Eastern Christian Books: Joseph Ratzinger and the Christian East

Eastern Christian Books: Joseph Ratzinger and the Christian East

The above links to this article: Elderly pope Benedict XVI 'slowly fading': personal secretary

Not April Fool's

Chiesa: “Francis alarms us enormously, and not only us. And yet we like him”

The surprising analysis of the Francis enigma, made by the superior general by the Society of Saint Pius X, Bernard Fellay. With the account of the visits of one cardinal and three bishops, sent secretly from Rome

It Should Have Been Done in Accord with One of the Iconographic Traditions of the Church

The title of the post is in reference to the article at NLM linked here, in which it is claimed that Sr. Faustina favored a more traditional iconographic depiction of Christ as representing what she saw in her visions.

Anyway, there is a new documentary, The Original Image of Divine Mercy (FB).

It will be screened at a parish in SF in May and at OLOP on April 2.

Edit. Bringing the image of Divine Mercy to the world by Jim Graves
A new documentary tells the dramatic story of the original Divine Mercy image, commissioned by St. Faustina and kept hidden for much of the 20th century.

A documentary that tells the incredible story of the Divine Mercy image.

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QUOTE OF THE DAY..."More than anything he counseled us to maintain these three things: fear of God, vigilance of the...

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Bishop Nicholas's Paschal Message 2016

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