Saturday, December 05, 2020

A Saint Said It

Does that mean he is right? This could be used as a prooftext for Christian meekness or even pacificism. How does gentleness relate to mercy and benevolence? And is it always warranted? There is Jeremiah 11:19, but Christ had already decided to surrender Himself. Is this surrender always warranted?

Wooten and Kuhn

A Review of Runciman's The Eastern Schism by Fr. Georges Florovsky

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How can the schism be healed? One Ukrainian-Catholic pov:

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There Is a Place for Hope in the Christian Life

And considering the Last Things frequently. But is the eschaton our primary motivation or God in the present? Focusing too much on our subjective beatitude instead of objective beatitude (God) can lead to that sort of piety which focuses on the accumulation of good works and merit, rather than God. Purification of one's self so that one can focus on God is what is important; everything else will be taken care of accordingly.

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Sabbas the Sanctified, Pray for Us!