Friday, October 30, 2015

Sandro Magister Continues...

Kasper vs Ratzinger, the Unending Dispute
Francis reignited it and the synod has not resolved it. In the paragraphs on the divorced and remarried the word “communion” isn’t there. But the pope could introduce it himself, by authority

Synodal Church. But the Pope Will Decide Everything
The word “communion” doesn’t even appear in the synod-approved text concerning the divorced and remarried. But in practice everyone is already doing whatever he wants. The spirit matters more than the letter, Francis says

Eastern Christian Books: LOGOS: A Journal of Eastern Christian Studies Fall 2015

Eastern Christian Books: LOGOS: A Journal of Eastern Christian Studies Fall 2015

"Finally, Augustine Casiday, author of the invaluable landmark work Reconstructing the Theology of Evagrius Ponticus: Beyond Heresy (whom I interviewed about this very book here) has a fascinating and learned essay treating the uses and abuses of Evagrius' famous definition of theology and a theologian from his treatise On Prayer. This maxim, which I have myself quoted regularly, and which seems to be a staple of contemporary Eastern spiritual and apologetical literature, is often used as little more than a thinly disguised sneer at intellectual work--as a cloak for anti-intellectual obscurantism in other words. Casiday's treatment of what Evagrius really meant is important and not to be missed."

Benedict Sheehan

New in #TheSounding - A Composers Insight on New CD. #MyOCN

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In a gesture of love, Benedict Sheehan, the artistic director of the Chamber Choir of St. Tikhon’s Monastery, is...

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