Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Another Interview with Cardinal Burke

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A formal correction soon?

An Orthodox Education

Without stability, how can there be community?

Liturgy in non-liturgical Spaces by Nicholas Denysenko

Having reflected on many years of visiting missions and serving in a non-liturgical space in Kyiv, I ask myself, is there an argument to be made for establishing Church communities that have no aspirations for permanent parish status, but gather where they can for prayer, fellowship, and perhaps learning and service? Are we comfortable with the possibility that we might have to fine-tune our rite to liturgize effectively in unfamiliar spaces? My initial response to these reflections is to suggest that liturgy in non-liturgical spaces illuminates the qualities of gathering for the privilege of offering liturgy, and embracing the fact that Christian identity need not be shaped solely by a particular parish community. Is there a future for mobile and nimble Church communities that do not aspire to become parishes?

A group of people to meet in a place other than a temple because they cannot afford to build one -- why couldn't they have some sort of makeshift worship space at a home instead? But how can there be an effective practice of charity for the average lay person without a stable network of people?
Pravoslavie: Speaking Painful Truth in Love: Orthodox Ecumenism and St. Justin Popovic by Phillip Calington
St. Justin was a puzzling figure during his lifetime, and remains so, more than 35 years after his repose in the Lord. He was himself never a bishop, which allowed him to speak and write even more freely and openly about the issue of ecumenism.