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Eastern Christian Books: How Apostate Was Julian?

Eastern Christian Books: How Apostate Was Julian?

WITNESS - Patriarch Ibrahim Isaac Sidrak, Coptic Catholic Patriarch of Alexandria

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Rorate Caeli: Exactly 50 Years Ago, Paul VI tried to destroy the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass

7. Cena dominica sive Missa est sacra synaxis seu congregatio populi Dei in unum convenientis, sacerdote praeside, ad memoriale Domini celebrandum. Quare de sanctae Ecclesiae locali congregatione eminenter valet promissio Christi: "Ubi sunt duo vel tres congregati in nomine meo, ibi sum in medio eorum" (Mt. 18, 20).

"7. The Lord's Supper, or Mass, is the sacred meeting or congregation of the people of God assembled, the priest presiding, to celebrate the memorial of the Lord. For this reason, Christ's promise applies eminently to such a local gathering of holy Church: 'Where two or three come together in my name, there am I in their midst' (Mt. 18:20)."

I don't recall Fr. Bouyer criticizing the General Instruction of the Roman Missal itself, rather than the Roman Missal, but I am guessing that para 7 would not be problematic for him. After all, what is to prevent a memorial from also being the re-presentation of the sacrifice of Christ, through the ministry of the Church (CCC 611, 1323, 1330, 1341)? (At the moment I am accepting Latin theology and expression on this point for the purposes of this post.) Granted, Pope Paul VI does not seem to say this explicitly, but even if he doesn't, it doesn't imply that he denies that the Eucharist is a sacrifice.

Of course, it may be that he had reasons for not elaborating on sacrifice and it is not clear that the received Latin tradition on what sacrifice means, and how Christ's Passion and Death constitute a sacrifice, are correct.

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