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OrthoChristian: On Gratitude and Human Happiness by Sergei Khudiev

King Doesn't Quite Capture It

From 2014: Not Just in Our Hearts: The True Social Kingship of Christ by Steve Skojec
Christ the King and Original Sin by Timothy Flanders

Pius XI, Quas Primas

Pantocrator sounds much better to my ears. Chris is the Ruler of All because he is the rule, God's Law, the word, Divine Wisdom. Rulers do not rule in his place but in Him, participating in Him. If we accept the development of the three-fold office of the laity as a legitimate theological development, then all are kings even if not all share in political governance. They participate in the Divine Law who is Christ, even those who are subject or subordinate to others.

Some nuances are needed to correct exaggerations of the sacred status of authority in pieces such as this: First Things: Sacral Presidency by Peter J. Leithart

Fake Synodality, You Mean?

CNA/CWR: Pope Francis: Synodality is what the Lord expects of the Church

ITC: “Synodality in Life and Mission of the Church”

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Weigel Wades Into the Debate on the Roman Rite

The Reformed Liturgy, 50 Years Later by George Weigel

While the Pauline reform of the Roman rite itself had some major problems (though not all of the problems listed by Latin traditionalists are as serious as they think -- Bouyer's judgment would probably more reliable in this respect), in the larger historical context the reform was just another consequence of a more serious problem, the centralization of the patriarchate of Rome and an over-reliance on that centralization for solutions to pastoral problems, whether it be the theological formation of its clergy or the lack of a proper liturgical piety among the people. A conception of Rome as the head of a Christendom which was the replacement for the Roman Empire, unified by Latin and a supranational identity may have had a part to play in this, combined with the private opinion of certain popes in the first millenium on the role of the bishop of Rome with respect to the Church Universal.

Rule of Faith Journal

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What's Going on in the Vatican?

Sandro Magister: Money Wars At the Vatican. With the Pope Among the Belligerents


The Third Hour Troparion Interpolation


Pope Francis in Japan

Is an organ really necessary for such public Masses? And has no one attempted to develop a Japanese form of sacred singing, one that is not Western in inspiration? What happened to inculturation? I see a lot of women in the choir for the Mass in Nagasaki (the heart of Catholic Japan) - how many Japanese male Catholics participate in Latin liturgical life in Japan? Even in Nagasaki, they had to feature multilingual readings...

That's St. Paul VI to You Latins

Paul VI’s Contempt for Catholics Who Did Not Welcome the Liturgical Reform

How does the liturgical reform of the Roman rite and Paul VI's commentary contradict the documents of Vatican I and Vatican II on the authority of the pope? When is a Latin traditionalist going to honestly deal with this question?

Rod Dreher: What About The Protestant Catholics?

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