Monday, May 02, 2016

Fr. Raymond Gawronski, SJ

I had not seen any photos of him celebrating Divine Liturgy in the Byzantine rite until now.

The Mysterious Mystery

Something written for the local Latin diocese on mystagogy. I saw a longer version two weekends ago in Palo Alto. In both versions the notion of "mystery" is related more to the Vatican I usage than to its use by St. Paul, especially the referent or denotation. I've seen plenty of RCIA/catechetical material using the word Mystery but not giving an explanation of what is meant by it, and this is rather disappointing though not surprising -- the expected renewal of theology at the popular level did not happen after Vatican II, despite all of the groundwork that was laid for it before the council. While God's love is a part of the Christian Mystery or the Mystery of Christ (or the Mystery of the Cross) -- not "Paschal" Mystery -- one is missing out on the kerygmatic proclamation that should be entailed by the use of the word if one focuses solely on His love or mercy.

Bouyer on the neologism "Paschal mystery"
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