Friday, April 05, 2019

Rules for the Intellectual Life

CWR: Rules for Christian Intellectuals, Part I by Dr. Kelly Scott Franklin
For those Christians with an intellectual calling, Fr. Antonin-Gilbert Sertillanges, OP (1863-1948), offers a guide, a method, and a spirituality for that life.

Still a Latinocentric View of Things

Crisis Magazine: Is Vatican II Irrelevant Now? by David G. Bonagura Jr.

Does this mean that the actual teachings of Vatican II will fade into oblivion? Not in the short term, since the Council’s documents and approach have been incorporated into the extensive and widely consulted Catechism of the Catholic Church, which itself was created to rein in the wayward Spirit of Vatican II.

The Illusory “Success” of Francis, Under the Lens of a Sociologist of Religion (Il Paradosso di Papa Francesco: La Secolarizzazione Tra Boom Religioso e Crisi del Cristianesimo by Luca Diotallevi)

Fr. Alexander Men on the Cross

Pravmir: The Cross Sweetens the Bitterness of Life by ARCHPRIEST ALEXANDER MEN (+1990)
In the morning, finding at least a minute in the midst of your normal daily tasks to stand before His countenance, you will feel how He is gazing at you lovingly and summoning you to labor. God’s blessing is with you in labor during every minute of life. The Kingdom of God, which is coming in power, is established in the heart, for Christ said: The Kingdom of God is within us – come and drink the living water of the Kingdom of Heaven