Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Thomas Choe Yang-Eop

The Conclusion of Fr. Andrew's Series on Pentecostalism

St. Mary Magdalene

A Taxonomy of Latin Catholics

Christian Order: On Doctrinal and Moral Disorders Abiding in the Church
Father John A. Hardon's 1990 Commentaries on the “Revised Draft” of the Catholic Catechism

Part 2

Was Fr. Hardon a Latin traditionalist? Perhaps not liturgically, as the author of the above recognizes. (I am not sure if Fr. Hardon had a published opinion on the EF.) But theologically, he was conservative and probably upheld some form of neo-scholasticism in addition to Thomism. As one can see, he criticizes certain points of the CCC based on the Council of Trent (accepted by Fr. Hardon as an ecumenical council) -- the same sort of mindset exhibited by Latin traditionalists which would criticize the judgment that the Liturgy of Addai and Mari, lacking an Institution Narrative, is invalid.

What should we call the position held by Fr. Hardon, Latin traditionalists, and probably many "conservative" Latin Catholics as well? Tridentine Latin Christianity?