Monday, June 02, 2014

Chiesa: The Myth and Reality of Second Marriages among the Orthodox by Sandro Magister

There is a widespread opinion that the Eastern Churches permit a new marriage after divorce, and give communion to the remarried. But this is not the case, as Nicola Bux explains. Only the first marriage is celebrated as a true sacrament

(Bux's essay is also at Rorate Caeli)

Fr. Hunwicke responds to Archimandrite Taft regarding which councils are to be considered ecumenical? (via NLM) See also his subsequent posts.


Fr. Jungmann locates a split between "classical" Christianity and ... what is the label he uses? Anyway, just because the Byzantine Chalcedonian Christians may be more "Patristic" does not mean that they would escape his criticism of how Christian liturgy evolved. (Does his criticism apply to the history of Christian spirituality as well?)

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