Monday, June 06, 2016

Il Gesù

Serving the Gospel

CNA: How the beauty of Bach's music evangelized Japan

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Yes, it is a production for English-speaking audiences, but the use of a Japanese "accent" for the characters seems rather regressive, offensive to SJWs but probably an obstacle to non-SJW viewers as well. Couldn't it have been done in Japanese with English subtitles? Then it could have been marketed in Japan.

New: "All That Remains", the inspiring film about a Nagasaki Atomic bomb survivor and Catholic convert
Mere Comments: “Surprise & Wonder” Signals Battle at the Long-Awaited Orthodox Council?
Monday, June 6, 2016, 3:09 PM
James M. Kushiner

Ressourcement Theology and Modern Philosophy

I think it is correct to say that part of the project of the ressourcement theologians was to do what they could to make use of, if not adapt, modern philosophy to the expression of Christian teaching, in addition to returning to sacred scripture and the Church Fathers as sources of Christian teaching. How successful was their effort in this regard? Fr. Louis Bouyer made use of phenomenology, which might seemed to be opposed to Thomism and its brand of realism, but it seems to me that Fr. Bouyer's phenomenological writing in his theology works can be understood as a part of dialectic or cultural anthropology or human psychology. What about the use of philosophy by other ressourcement theologians.
Chiesa: “Scholas Occurrentes”: Francis’s Pedagogical Revolution

Goodbye, Catholic teaching. The worldwide network of schools that the pope is fostering and promoting with great fervor has a completely secularized educational paradigm. Instead of saints, the stars of sports and entertainment