Friday, June 08, 2012

Mattias Caro, Is There Such a Thing as Inalienable Rights?. He refers to Rights You Can't Give Away.

Do we need to take Jefferson's rhetoric (or his theory of rights) so seriously?
CNS: Eastern Christianity's appeal

I had posted the video before but it was part of the CNS website so it may not have played properly for some of you. Now it is available on youtube.
Seven most common mistakes about 'Vatileaks'
James Chatek, A thomistic response to William Lane Craig’s denial of divine atemporality
James Chastek, Integral truth

Mr. Chastek compares theological truth with food and relates both to multiple ends. G-L is making a point though about the epistemology of those supporting the development of a new, up-to-date theology. If theology is not true, then how can it benefit or aid modern man and his vexations? Do we know God via things? Or do we know God through our ideas?

We could also ask the question of whether theology is more speculative or practical in nature. Interview with author of new philosophical lexicon - John Carlson