Saturday, February 06, 2016

The Hope of Universal Salvation

At least Aquinas and the scholastics gave a definition of hope and distinguished it from charity. In order to answer the question whether we can have the theological virtue of hope for the salvation of all, we must first define hope and determine whether it is the same as desire or wishing or is a kind of desire or wishing. Do we love all men (with charity) and thus desire their salvation? If yes, then can we not hope for their salvation as well?

"Universalist" hope is not the same as the belief that all will be saved.

Fr. Al Kimel: May We Only Wish for the Salvation of All?

But What Else Would He Say?

As a curial official who probably believes he has the responsibility to protect the institutional image of the papacy and of the Church...

Cdl. Müller discusses mercy, stresses continuity between Benedict and Francis

A Scientist Critiques The Force Awakens

One of the last entertaining sections of AICN: Copernicus on the Science of THE FORCE AWAKENS Part 1 and Copernicus on the Science of THE FORCE AWAKENS Part 2

Major Archbishop Sviatoslav on the Meeting of Francis and Kirill

UGCC: «I do not expect that much will change» - His Beatitude Sviatoslav on the Meeting of Pope Francis with Patriarch Kirill

His Beatitude Sviatoslav: “What sea our spirituality is similar to: “lively” sea of Galilee or Dead sea?

If You're in the Philadelphia Area

NLM: What Do Catholics Believe About Icons? Talk in Philadelphia, Saturday, February 13 by David Clayton
Pravmir: "The Psalms Are My Refuge": Archbishop Anastasios on Prayer
Archpriest John Breck

His Eminence Archbishop Anastasios (Yannoulatos) arrived in Albania in 1991, to assume archpastoral duties in this impoverished country, which during ...

Realism in Iconography

What Did Christ Really Look Like? by David Clayton