Wednesday, May 08, 2019

Is the Pre-1955 Roman Holy Triduum Really Better?

1P5: My First Experience of a Pre-1955 Holy Triduum by Peter Kwasniewski

Recently, I bumped into a friend who expressed her surprise that this year was the first time I had ever attended the pre-1955 (i.e., ancient or unreformed) Holy Week liturgies. She was under the impression that someone who travels, reads, …

See also: NLM: Compendium of the 1955 Holy Week Revisions of Pius XII

Peter Kwasniewski on "the Letter"

1P5: When Creeping Normalcy Bias Protects a Chaotic Pope by Peter Kwasniewski

Reactions to the Open Letter accusing Pope Francis of holding seven heretical propositions — a letter that now bears the signatures of 81 clergy, religious, and scholars — have ranged from strong support (Zmirak, Coulombe, Verrecchio) to sympathetic critiques (Lawler, …

A Brief Update on the Open Letter on Papal Heresy by Steve Skojec

There have been a number of developments on the Open Letter accusing the pope of heresy since I first summarized it in this space on April 30. The first of these is that the number of scholars who have signed it …

Pope Francis, the Open Letter, and the Pesky Preface by Steven O'Reilly

The Secular Mind Versus the Whole Heart


Holy Baptism

Venice in the East


Holy Week and Pascha:


Pope Francis on the Question of...

Deaconesses. Or women deacons? Does he know the difference?