Wednesday, February 03, 2021

Thomas Howard

The Implications of the Sensus Fidelium

Prelapsarian Life

Where is the Prophet Elijah

The Duff Cooper Prize for Judith Herrin

Controversy Over the Jesus Prayer

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Metropolitan Sotirios represents that overducated but unthinking hyper-rationalism that seeks to take away from tradition, rather than serving tradition. His three purposes of prayer relate to the order of intention, and do not need to be explicitly verbalized for the intentions to be present.

Regarding the name of Our Lord, Jesus Christ, both names together call to the mind the whole Trinity but the name of Jesus by itselfshould remind us of Trinity, as the Son is the Father's accomplishing of salvation for us, by the power of the Holy Spirit.

This is Gerondism

Simplistic solutions to pastoral problems that require more than quotations from monastics.

More pastorally questionable pontificating:

But What Is He Doing to Promote Liturgical Aestheticism?


Sertillanges Was Wrong About the Nation(-State)

He wasn't critical enough in his assumptions or first principles.