Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Hochschild's Apology for the Pope's Statement on Same-Sex Civil Unions

But the Natural Law does have something to say about non-procreative sex acts. It also arguably has something to say about what status should be given to those who engage in such acts with members of the same-sex. After all, Thomists recognize that law as a teacher, and in this case, it is not merely about the "union" alone, but everything that is associated with it and is legitimized by it. The fact that SSA may be involuntary does not mean that mercy requires that we validate their lifestyle choices.

The Feast of Christ the King


The Papal Magisterium

Where in Vatican I does it say that it (along with infallibility) is limited to certain document types written by the bishop of Rome, or that certain formulae must be used to signal that it is ex cathedra?

Rome: "Heresy is Preferable to Schism"

Could this be extended by Latin traditionalists to possible criticisms of Rome's negotiations with the Chalcedonian and non-Chalcedonian Orthodox?

Paolo Suess on the Amazon Synod

Wasn't Expecting the Next Problematic Statement So Soon

Will Latins reconsider their ecclesiology now? What will it take?

Foraging and Gratitude

Who Are the True Romans?