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Liturgy at the Jerusalem Church Metochion in Moscow

Valaam - Α Step to the Skies

Theodore of Mopsuestia and his writings were declared anathema by an ecumenical council, even though the pope was reluctant to do this, preferring rather to condemn only part of his writings and leaving untouched reputation of the man(who was considered orthodox while he was alive). Was the pope's opinion on this matter a better one? After all, if excommunication primarily manifests the medicinal aspect of punishment and is a call of repentence, what point is there to anathematizing or excommunicating other than to express a strong disapproval of a person (or his teachings)? How can he be condemned after death, when he has already before the judgment seat of God but was also considered orthodox while he was alive?

Friday, November 29, 2013

Distributism for Orthodox Christians

Distributism: A Primer for Orthodox Christians

Fixing a Hole: On Distributism and Orthodoxy
Orthodox Christians Discover Distributism
Distributism in Eastern Europe
Distributism and Orthodoxy
For a Roman-rite Catholic, seeing the faithful of the Byzantine rite bowing or showing reverence to the icon of our Lord to the right of the royal doors might be a bit puzzling - the icon represents Christ but why not reverence the Blessed Sacrament or in the direction of the altar instead? Originally Christ was depicted on the wall/ceiling of the apse but gradually a depiction of the Theotokos replaced it, as the main depiction of Christ was moved to the central dome. (Correct?) It might make more sense for a Roman-rite Catholic to show reverence to the crucifix at or above the altar. How does one harmonize worshipping Christ through the icon on the iconostasis with praying East? Would it make more sense to a Roman Catholic for there to be a depiction of Christ on the apse as well? The Byzantine use of sacred space and icons in worship may be puzzling to a Roman Catholic at first, but adjusting things so that they make more sense to a Roman Catholic may not actually be better.

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Pravmir: Celebration of 78th birthday of Metropolitan Vladimir are held in Kiev

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