Saturday, October 31, 2020

Pietro De Marco Comments on the Pontificate of Pope Francis

Magister: “Brothers All,” Including “Families” of the Same Sex. The Pontificate of Francis Under the Analyst’s Lens

Finality... and Natural Inclinations

The Dies Irae

John Case


Just One Man's Opinion

Not universally true, and maybe not even true for the limited cases to which it applies. Pulling Christian teaching from quotes of individual saints is not moral theology, and even what is taken to be the result of the sanctified, connatural wisdom of a saint must be tested against Tradition and a proper moral theology.

Symbols and the Meaning Crisis

Sergius Bulgakov

A Comparison of the Carmelite and Roman Rites


Temple of Saint Sergius and Bacchus

Reformation Day

Except Francis Himself is One of the Challenges to the Faith of Latins

St. Alphonsus Liguori on Hope

St. Alphonsus Rodriguez