Monday, August 29, 2016

Papal Message to Catholic-Orthodox Symposium

I Ought to Get a Copy of The Beginning of the Gospel

Will SVS Press publish the English translation?

Pravmir: Metropolitan Hilarion: I Owe Everything in My Life to the Church by Anna Danilova, Ph.D.
(via Liturgical Notes and The Moynihan Letter

If That Was His Primary Reason for Resigning

Then he could have cancelled WYD 2013. If that wasn't an option because too much had already been invested, then could he not have delegated to another bishop? But then WYD would not have had the same drawing power.

All the reason more for it to be done away with now.

The Moynihan Letter: Letter #52, 2016: Why Benedict Resigned

Two New Books on the Theology of Louis Bouyer

One in French, the other in Italian:

L'humanisme eschatologique de Louis Bouyer de Sœur Marie-David Weill

Alessandro Scardoni:
Louis Bouyer: itinerario di una teologia mistica tra dossologia e sofiologia