Saturday, April 04, 2015

The Central Mystery of Christianity

From 2013: Into the Heart of the Liturgy


“Better Marry Than Burn.” In Second Marriages, Too by Sandro Magister
The Orthodox Churches apply the apostle Paul’s saying to the divorced. And there are those who also want to introduce this practice into the Catholic Church. Including a theologian of the diocese of Bologna, the same of Cardinal Caffarra

Intro to Mysterium Paschale

Balthasar, his Christology, and the Mystery of Easter | Aidan Nichols OP | Introduction to Hans Urs von Balthasar's Mysterium Paschale

Degenerate neo-Thomism?

Is it the case that some Thomist philosophers think they can do theology because they've read the theological works of St. Thomas, relying upon him alone without consulting Sacred Scripture and the Fathers, and thus reducing theology to some version of philosophical theology (or metaphysical theology, as it is styled by some Orthodox)? They may give attention to conciliar documents and papal statements as boundaries for speculation, but that isn't enough.