Tuesday, October 18, 2016

His Argentinian Brothers

Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP on the Launch of the Ukrainian Catholic Catechism in Australia

The Catholic Weekly: Two lungs breathe as one as Ukrainian Catholic catechism launched in Sydney by Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP

Homily of His Beatitude Sviatoslav on the Feast of the Protection of the Holy Virgin

I was thinking about the Inquisition and the Dominicans and how they are portrayed in the movie version of The Name of the Rose, which while rooted in historical circumstances is anti-Catholic and hence not so historically accurate (especially with its depiction of the Dominicans?). I know someone who admires his writing style, if not necessarily his message. (I don't think he has ever blogged about that aspect of Eco's writing.) If only Eco had remained Catholic and written a novel that revealed the historical truth about the medieval Church; I agree with De Mattei that Eco should have put his talents to better use, in service of God and the Church. (Though De Mattei's genealogy in that article of nominalism, "a decadent and deformed interpretation of Thomist doctrine" is suspect.) Eco would probably have access to the scholarship done on the medieval Latin churches; even now we have historians like Fr. Augustine Thompson writing about that period. But if he had an agenda, he would have ignored that scholarship regardless.

How would a historical novel about the medieval Latin churches be different, if written from the perspective of someone like Fr. Louis Bouyer regarding the development of Latin spirituality?

Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church is an Orthodox Church

David Clayton on the English Gothic School

Sts. Cyril and Methodius Byzantine Catholic Seminary

Eastern Christian Books: From Byzantine to Islamic Egypt

Eastern Christian Books: From Byzantine to Islamic Egypt