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The Hope of Universal Salvation

At least Aquinas and the scholastics gave a definition of hope and distinguished it from charity. In order to answer the question whether we can have the theological virtue of hope for the salvation of all, we must first define hope and determine whether it is the same as desire or wishing or is a kind of desire or wishing. Do we love all men (with charity) and thus desire their salvation? If yes, then can we not hope for their salvation as well?

"Universalist" hope is not the same as the belief that all will be saved.

Fr. Al Kimel: May We Only Wish for the Salvation of All?

But What Else Would He Say?

As a curial official who probably believes he has the responsibility to protect the institutional image of the papacy and of the Church...

Cdl. Müller discusses mercy, stresses continuity between Benedict and Francis

A Scientist Critiques The Force Awakens

One of the last entertaining sections of AICN: Copernicus on the Science of THE FORCE AWAKENS Part 1 and Copernicus on the Science of THE FORCE AWAKENS Part 2

Major Archbishop Sviatoslav on the Meeting of Francis and Kirill

UGCC: «I do not expect that much will change» - His Beatitude Sviatoslav on the Meeting of Pope Francis with Patriarch Kirill

His Beatitude Sviatoslav: “What sea our spirituality is similar to: “lively” sea of Galilee or Dead sea?

If You're in the Philadelphia Area

NLM: What Do Catholics Believe About Icons? Talk in Philadelphia, Saturday, February 13 by David Clayton
Pravmir: "The Psalms Are My Refuge": Archbishop Anastasios on Prayer
Archpriest John Breck

His Eminence Archbishop Anastasios (Yannoulatos) arrived in Albania in 1991, to assume archpastoral duties in this impoverished country, which during ...

Realism in Iconography

What Did Christ Really Look Like? by David Clayton

Friday, February 05, 2016

Fr. Hunwicke on the Contemporary Papacy

Bishop Schneider and Cowardly Rabbits

The Holy Eucharist

"Fr Alexander Rentel explains the meaning of Holy Eucharist."

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May It Happen

It was announced on Friday that Pope Francis will hold a meeting with Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia in Cuba on February 12th. It marks the first ever meeting between a Pope and a Russian Primate.

Posted by Vatican Radio - English Section on Friday, February 5, 2016

Joint Press Release of the Holy See and the Patriarchate of Moscow
Press conference at DECR on Patriarch Kirill's forthcoming visit to Latin America

To Speak en tais ekklēsiais

1 Corinthians 14:34

Sometimes this is interpreted as saying that woman should not teach within the church building, or temple. But if St. Paul meant the home temple (or building) where Christians gathered to worship or to celebrate the liturgy or Eucharist, would he have not used that word instead of ekklésia, assembly, congregation, or "Church"? If that is the case, it would not matter if the Church is assembled in the temple or outside of the temple, a woman should be silent. And this would apply to any instantiation of the Church, including in a academic setting?

Unless St. Paul is just bound by the customs of his time, of course...

But that sort of misreading of the Church by English-speakers who do not know Greek and do not know the context well is easily cleared away. One could object, rather, that St. Paul is talking about the assembly of Christians for worship. Even though he is touching upon problems with the Church of Corinth, especially upon disorder during worship and prayer (and not necessarily just the Eucharist), would worship and prayer be the only reason for Christians to assemble? And would their time of assembly be a mix of prayer/worship, teaching, listening to readings, and so on? Would instruction proper to a formal master/disciple relationship, as opposed to the informal giving of information or doctrine, have taken place within the assembly or outside of the assembly?

Is it so definitively clear that St. Paul is referring only to the assemblies of Christians for prayer and worship? Or can a reading that He is referring to any manifestation of the Church, ekklēsía, including assemblies for prayer and worship, be justified?

"Il mistero nuziale e le sfide del gender" (The nuptial mystery and challenges of gender) is the title of a new book...

Posted by Vatican Radio - English Section on Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Any mention of the authority of the husband?

Eastern Christian Books: Church in the Making

Eastern Christian Books: Church in the Making
Chiesa: Married Priests? At the Gregorian They’re Voting Against by Sandro Magister
Cardinals Parolin and Ouellet are lining up in defense of the celibacy of the Latin clergy, in a conference at the prestigious pontifical university. But once again the pope has let the German bishops know that he wants to break with this tradition

[Roman] Catholicism: Crisis or Catastrophe?

From 2013:

Thursday, February 04, 2016

CWR: Behind the Scenes at Vatican II by Peter M.J. Stravinskas
The first volume of Henri de Lubac's "Vatican Council Notebooks" (Ignatius Press, 2015) is filled with detailed and often surprising accounts of conversations, disputes, and key figures at the Council
Rorate Caeli: Op-Ed: "The Conversation that must be had: a genuine Theological debate about the Church and the World" by Fr. Richard G. Cipolla
Chiesa: News From the Eastern Front. Pan-Orthodox Council in Crete, While in Athens...

Agreement and disagreement among the Churches of Orthodoxy, on the verge of their first council after more than a thousand years. And from Rome a slap in the face for the Greek Church, with the appointment of a new Catholic and Latin bishop

Pope Francis on Thursday paid a surprise visit to the offices of three dicasteries of the Roman Curia: the Congregation...

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Periscope | Святая гора Афон. Возвращение домой 15-01-2016 Mount Athos

Byzantine Music is Not an Island | Manolis Theoulakis | TEDxRhodes

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Who Would Do the English Translation?

Patriarch Kirill: At the present stage of drafting the catechesis, the priority is its church reception

The People of God

Fr. Hunwicke: Jews and Christians

Not an ad hom...

From Ignatius Press: Jesus' School of Life: Incentives to Discipleship by Christoph Cardinal Schoenborn

How good is he as a theologian, if theology must not simply be thought but lived and his questionable tenure as (arch)bishop, who should be a theologian par excellence, both as teacher and as one who prays.

An academic theologian is not necessarily a neo-scholastic, which Schönborn probably isn't.

That said, the description of the book sounds good, so I'd probably take a closer look at it myself.

Saints Cyril and Athanasius

We American Christians have a funny way of acting like we invented the faith. Or maybe it fell out, like an old letter,...

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Reading Classical Greek

Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Saint Arsenius

"Saint Arsenius was born on January 31, 1800 in Ioannina, Epirus of pious Orthodox parents. In holy Baptism he was given the name Athanasius."

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Conclusion of the Synaxis of the (Chalcedonian) Orthodox Patriarchs

The historic Synaxis of the Primates of the Orthodox Church has concluded. Here is the summary. #myOCN

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The Orthodox Church, which unceasingly prays “for the union of all,” has always promoted dialogue with those separated...

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The fact is that many faithful today do not observe all the prescriptions concerning fasting, either for...

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The 5th Pan-Orthodox Pre-Council Conference considered ecclesiological, canonical and pastoral aspects of the institution of autonomy and arrived at a unanimous Pan-Orthodox position on the matter.

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Are the Orthodox Doing Better in Germany?

"Athanasios Vletsis, Professor of Systematic Theology and Chairman of the Department of Orthodox Theology at the...

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Eastern Christian Books: The Bishop of Rome in Late Antiquity (III): the Fifth Century's Cautions and Caveats

Eastern Christian Books: The Bishop of Rome in Late Antiquity (III): the Fifth Century's Cautions and Caveats

Really Should be Companion to Western Liturgy or Companion to Roman Liturgy

NLM: Book Announcement: T&T Clark Companion to Liturgy, Edited by Dom Alcuin Reid
Peter Kwasniewski

Archaic Greek in a modern world

Orthodox-Catholic Dialogue 50 Years after Vatican II

The presenters are Dr. John Chryssavgis (Patriarchate of Constantinople) and Dr. Paul McPartlan (Catholic University of America).

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Eastern Christian Books: Primacy in the Church (I)

Eastern Christian Books: Primacy in the Church (I)

St Vladimir's Seminary Press Publishes Books on Primacy and Conciliarity #myOCN

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Rorate Caeli Interview with Bishop Athanasius Schneider


"By the way: the public washing and usually also kissing of the feet of women on the part of a man, in our case, of a priest or a bishop, is considered by every person of common sense in all cultures as being improper and even indecent. Thanks be to God no priest or bishop is obliged to wash publicly the feet of women on Holy Thursday, for there is no binding norm for it, and the foot washing itself is only facultative."

Sunday, January 31, 2016

The Three Holy Hierarchs

Bev explains why three great theologians, The Three Hierarchs, are remembered together, on the same day. #myOCN

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The Holy Spirit

"Fr. Michael Harper (1931-2010), Director of the Institutefor Orthodox Christian Studies, founding father and a Debuty Director of THE WAY, speaks on the Holy Spirit"

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2015 FoMA Madingley Conference: Session 6: Metropolitan Kallistos (Ware) of Diokleia

2015 FoMA Madingley Conference: Session 5: Metropolitan Hilarion (Alfeyev) of Volokolamsk