Thursday, March 31, 2016

Worth a Look?

Keep building your Lenten library! Here's our pick this week from St Vladimir's Seminary Press (SVS Press). It's available for $14.35 until 4/5/16.

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One Week Later

Crisis: The Problem with Multicultural Foot Washing by William Kilpatrick

The Artistic Path of Elder Sophrony

“To paint an icon is like writing a poem; one cannot add or take away a single word. In the same way the icon should only contain the necessary, not too little, not too much.” - Father Sophrony

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Catholic World Report: "A story He himself created": Reflections on Benedict XVI's recent remarks
Each person, if he be honest with himself, can recognize he is responsible for at least some of the evil in the world.
By James V. Schall, S.J.

"Faith is not a product of reflection nor is it even an attempt to penetrate the depths of my own being. Both of these things may be present, but they remain insufficient without the ‘listening’ through which God, from without, from a story he himself created, challenges me.” — Benedict XVI,
Ethika Politika: The Pope’s Painful Liturgies by Andrew M. Haines

Source of the Anecdote?

From Things That Can't Change by George Weigel:

When the Second Vatican Council was putting the finishing touches on one of its key documents, the Dogmatic Constitution on the Church (Lumen Gentium), Pope Paul VI proposed that it include a statement that the pope is “accountable to the Lord alone.”

The suggestion was referred to the Council’s Theological Commission, which, perhaps to Pope Paul’s surprise, flatly rejected it: the Roman Pontiff, the Theological Commission noted, “is . . . bound to revelation itself, to the fundamental structure of the Church, to the sacraments, to the definitions of earlier Councils, and other obligations too numerous to mention.” The pope cannot, in other words, change the deposit of faith, of which he is the custodian, not the master. The pope can’t decide that the Church can do without bishops, or that there really are eleven sacraments, or that Arius had it right in denying the divinity of Christ.

St. Julian of Norwich

On Wednesday 23rd of March Pope Francis mentioned Julian of Norwich during his weekly catechesis. But who exactly was this great fourteenth century English mystic and theologian who lived as an "anchoress"?

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Pray a Psalm

Fr. Stavros teaches us to pray a Psalm, as Psalms, in many instances, bring many words of comfort, they soothe the mind, heart and soul.

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